Welcome to Wealth Builders, a leading property development company based in the vibrant heart of Bangladesh. With a passion for crafting exceptional living spaces, we specialize in the construction of contemporary apartments that redefine modern living. Committed to excellence, we seamlessly blend innovative design, quality construction, and sustainable practices to create homes that inspire and elevate lifestyles. At Wealth Builders, we believe in shaping communities and fostering a sense of belonging. Join us on a journey where your dream home becomes a reality, reflecting our dedication to delivering unparalleled living experiences in every project we undertake.


Client Residential Project


Basundhara Residential Project

Land Size : 20 Katha

Building Height : Triplex

Wealth Skyview


Nimtoli, Dhaka

land Size: 4 Katha

Building Height : 10 Storied

Wealth Manor


Khilkhet, Dhaka

land Size: 10 Katha

Building Height: 10 Storied